EVGA Corporation

EVGA Corporation is a computer hardware company headquartered in the United States that makes Nvidia GPU-based video cards and Intel-chipset-based motherboards. Other computer accessories have been added to the company's portfolio since 2010, including gaming laptops, power supplies, All-In-One Liquid Coolers, computer cases, and gaming mice. Its headquarters are in Brea, California. Evga established in July 1999.

Motherboards, graphics cards, power supply units, and related accessories are all available from EVGA. Following NVIDIA's exit from the motherboard industry, non-reference designs based on NVIDIA chipsets were added, and now all motherboards are based on Intel chipsets. The X58 SLI, which supports 3-way SLI. It released in November 2008. It was the first EVGA motherboard which built on an Intel chipset. The SC, SSC, and FTW editions were all factory over clocked graphics cards (as well as special KO editions in the past). EVGA also offers a variety of other items, such as VGA water blocks and advanced VGA coolers.

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You cannot overlook the importance of a power supply. It decides the system's long-term dependability and stability. In reality, if you're the kind to purchase whatever looks good on the surface, don't do it when it comes to purchasing a power supply. Otherwise, the whole system is at risk.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

A power supply unit (PSU) is responsible for powering and protecting the entire system architecture, so it needs special attention. A single blunder when purchasing a power supply can lead to machine crashes, performance issues, and boot failures. Before you shell out some cash for a new power supply, consider the following considerations. Also, be mindful of the measurements before making final purchases if you're building a small gaming PC. Who Makes EVGA Supplies? you may wonder.