Atari Breakout Game and Atari Pong Game

One of the best video games of that era was this one. An arcade Atari Pong Game was the main game from where they got influence and make this game. It was a famous arcade game of his time and gave effect to many other creators, and most importantly, it influenced Apple II. The gaming community is increasing incredibly overtime, and the creators are trying to create the best game of that decade, just like Atari Breakout Game was the best game of that time.

Who is Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak?

Steve Jobs was an American inventor who played a significant role in the apple computer's success and new technology like the iPad, iPods, etc. He's also known for the invention of the game Breakout as it was developed by low chips and in Apple's computer.

Steve Wozniak was also an American; he was an engineer and co-founder of a computer with Jobs. As well as, he was the first computer designer. In addition, he created the game "Breakout" with Steve Jobs.

Pong Game

In 1972, the Atari company invented Pong, which was the best and the first video game of that time, causing a new revolution in video games' history. It was a simple game just like tennis in which two players will play against each other. In Atari Pong Game, one player will hit the ball, and the other will hit it back to him; if he fails, his opponent will get the point. After the Pong's invention, many companies make the pong clones. Which hit the Atari company, and they decided to create a new game. The game only requires one player. He'll have to break the walls with a ball by bouncing it on the paddle.

Pong V/S Breakout

Atari company make the Atari Pong Game which is based on tennis in which two players can play the game. The Pong game was for two players, and as simple as the technology was not too good, they don't have many tools to make it fancier. People were also not aware of these video games as they were expensive and not too much designed. By copying the Pong game, many companies make its clone and declare that it was their invention. Later Atari created a game for only a single player..

So, Atari Breakout was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with only 44 chips and with a fantastic design according to that era. So don't forget to Play Atari Breakout. Pong was a black and white game with a vertical layout, while Breakout was colorful with a horizontal format. In Pong, the score appear at the top of the screen. The paddle moves up and down. While in Breakout, Scores appear below the screen. The paddles move left and right. Both of these games designed on different layouts and patterns by keeping the concept behind them were the same.

Chips Issue Google Games Breakout

In the past, to create a game takes 150 to 170 chips for a simple game that was too much, and they were trying to build a game with fewer chips because too many chips cost too much price. At first, Google Games Breakout were created that requires 150 to 170 chips for each game that was too much for a Atari Game but later, Steve Wozniak created a game that requires only 50 chunks that were relatively too low compared to other creators. Atari assigns Steve Jobs to develop a game that requires less than 50 chips in four days, and after Wozniak's invention, Steve Jobs was aware that he is capable of creating a game with less than 50 chips.

Difficulties In Breakout Video Game

So Steve Jobs convinced him to work with him in collaboration to make the game with less than 50 chips. Wozniak agrees with him, but he wasn't aware of his point of view. Their final decision was to split the fee equally between each other if Wozniak can create the Breakout Video Game with less than 50 chips. Wozniak created a design for that game that uses 42 chips. But the final work they deliver to Atari was 44 chips. Moreover, Jobs promise Wozniak to share the fee half. But Jobs paid him 350$ even as this work yielded a 5000-dollar bonus.

Concept of Creation

The primary and basic concept behind the creation of this game was from prison is to Play Breakout. The game's design and look were just like a prison where the prisoner is trying to break the wall. The concept or idea behind this game was too creative because people don't know much about video games. So the idea was just like a miracle that comes to the creator's mind. In this game, you'll have to break all the bricks one by one to move on to the next level. Same as the prisoner in prison try to break the bricks of the wall one by one to escape from there.

The prisoner in this Breakout Video Games is the ball, and the brick line is the wall which he will break and move to the next screen means to escape out of the cell to get freedom. This was the creative idea that leads to making this game. But nowadays there are so many games on this idea but in the 1970s it was a great invention.

How To Play Atari Breakout Game?

There is a ball in the Atari Breakout Game, and your half screen is made up of bricks arranged in lines that you have to break with the ball. Eight rows of brick rows are arranged with two rows of the same color on both side. The first two rows are yellow next to green next orange, and the last one is red. It's not that difficult how it looks; you have to destroy all the brick lines with the ball by moving the ball upward to the bars by paddle. A paddle is at the bottom, which moves right and left so the ball will not fall.

How to Win Breakout Video Games?

To win the game, you'll have to destroy all the bricks line one by one by pushing the ball upwards towards the lines and break them; if the ball falls or touches the bottom, then the game is over; you must bounce the ball upward through the paddle and do not let it touch the ground. You'll have a single chance to break all those bricks without touching the ball on the floor just by moving the paddle. The ball's speed will increase gradually after breaking the lines, and you will earn a maximum score of 896 points in two different levels, each having a score of 448 points.

Point System in Atari Breakout Unblocked

There is a total score of 1344 points in the two-player mode in which there are three levels each of 448 points after this three-level game is over. Both players will play three-level when the first player completes all the three levels; then, immediately, there will be the second player's turn. After he ends three levels, the game will be over, and the one who will complete all three levels with 1344 points will be the winner in Atari Breakout Unblocked.

Benefits in Breakout

There are several benefits of playing different games depending on the intensity of the games. Some of the benefits of video games are as follow:


Play Atari Breakout video games will eventually enhance the elderly cognitive ability. This is perhaps one of the abilities that a human being has that will declines together with advanced age.

Encourage Multitasking

We all know that games require players to do one thing at a time. The older generation is unable to adapt to that anymore. Even so, they receive instruction on how to Play Atari Breakout video games? they will eventually regain the ability to multitask once again.

Memory Recall

Generally, it is very known that games like Breakout and other simple games help prevent Alzheimer's disease and other related conditions.

Sharpens Mind

Although elderlies do not engage in any mental activities, playing video games will make their minds sharper. By conversing with them and evaluating their reasoning ability, this can be assessed.

Improves Hand to Eye Coordination

Those less mobile, such as the elderly, will gradually improve their ability to coordinate their movements. Even though the game mainly affects eye and hand movement, this will encourage the elderly to work on other physical attributes, making them more mobile.

Overall, we might have doubts about this method of improving our elderlies' lives, but who are we to prevent any way of making their lives more worth living.