What Can Be Done With High-End (Gold) Division Technology?

Crafting things that come from a recipe purchased from a Dark Zone vendor requires the high-end Division Tech. You can also use division tech to make additional yellow/gold resources, such as tools and weapon pieces. So there's a bit of cross-crafting going on with the other elements. Personally, I'd advise against it because yellow Division technology is quite rare. – That's one of the things I like about "MMORPGs" and their developers' constant tinkering: this answer is now incorrect because DZ dealers no longer offer blueprints.

What Is Division Tech?

Division Tech is the most luxurious crafting material in the game, and it's mostly utilized to make weapons and armors from blueprints obtained in the Dark Zone. Regular crafting components (such as 5 Weapon Parts and 2 pieces of Electronics) are required for those products, but a third component, the Division Tech itself, is required (most of the times you require 2 "yellow-grade" at same time for a blueprint). Division Tech has three ranks, just like any other crafting material, but you should concentrate on the best one, the "yellow," because it's utilized to make level 30 goods.

It's also important to note that Division Tech can be used to obtain any "normal" crafting material (of "blue" and "yellow" grade). You will be handed a single piece of a certain "normal" material in exchange for two pieces of this expensive material: Weapon Part, Fabric, Electronics, and Tools. However, Division Tech will be required to make goods from the blueprints obtained in the Dark Zone, but "normal" crafting materials can be obtained in a variety of ways.

How To Obtain Division Tech?

At the moment, there are two main ways to obtain Division Tech: defeating adversaries in the Dark Zone and opening unique containers, both of which can be discovered in the Dark Zone. In the former instance, every enemy has a slight chance of dropping a single piece of Division Tech, regardless of "rank" (whether it's an ordinary foe or a unique named one). You should approach this approach as a secondary, extra source of Division Tech acquisition rather than focusing on it; killing foes will also provide you Dark Zone experience, DZ Funds, and a variety of goodies.

Division Tech Crafting

When it refers to the amount of Division Tech crafting materials you can obtain, the second technique is far faster - each opened container will always provide you two pieces of this important resource. In the Dark Zone, there are literally dozens of them containers strewn throughout the place. The exact locations of each of those containers are detailed in the chapter "Dark Zone - Chests, Containers, and Enemies" - There are six maps there, each of which represents the entire Dark Zone and features locations where you can discover the appropriate containers.

During your search for Division Tech containers, keep in mind that you are not alone, as other people will attempt to accomplish the same thing. No one will kill you for it (since Division Tech materials do not drop when players die), but there's a good probability the container you're looking for has already been robbed. When this happens, simply go on to the next one and hope for better luck the next time.