Classification Of Squonk Mode

Squonk mode is classified into two categories.

  1. Regulated squonk modes
  2. Unregulated squonk modes

Regulated Squonk Modes

Regulated Squonk mods include preinstalled VW/VV chipsets that allow users to choose between the wattage or voltage, whatever they want. A lot of them come with a variety of safety measures that eliminate most battery safety concerns. When something comes to squonking, they're often regarded as the easiest option and the only feasible choice if you're a temperature-control vapor.

Unregulated Squonk Modes

Unregulated squonk mods include the atomizer having the battery's raw power, which differ based on the build's resistivity. Users must use Ohm's law and battery safety expertise to build their safety limits. A few unregulated squonk mods that are mass-produced include built-in precautions to eliminate shorts and possibly dangerous user errors. Still, others are just mechanical mods with no such safeguards.

How Does Squonk Mod Work?

A squonk mod works in essence by eliminating the requirement for dripping using the mouthpiece and the atomizer by converting your bottle into the tank section. To make it work, you have to press the bottle and then wait for your wicks and vape saturation. In this way, you can do Squonking.

Squonking is not a new thing. It began with Carlos49, who was an ECF's user in 2009 when he made the first juice box that was handmade. After some time, because of the making of REO squonk, mod REO got famous as they are the first one's to take Suonker mode in the market.

Is RDA Compatible With Regulated Mods?

A standard RDA will function perfectly with a squonk mod. You probably wouldn't be able to squonk with that arrangement, though. Using a conventional RDA with a squonk mod, the RDA's conventional 510 thread would fit into the squonk 510 thread on the mod.

The 510 pin on the RDA covers the hole drilled into the 510 thread on the mod. However, the configuration will work well, and it is safe to use. Using the dual 18650 squonk mod with the regular RDA, on the other hand, is fine for squonking.

It is not suggested to use a standard mod with the squonk RDA. The 510 thread on the RDAs has a hole in it that lets the e-juice fall-through. This can be troublesome.

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Squonk Mod Kit

Usually, a squonker mod kit comes with the following items:

  • An e-juice bottle with a squonk mod.
  • Pin at the bottom of the feed chute
  • Compatibility with RDA Battery, bottom-feeding squonk.
  • The e-juice bottle, dripper, and battery are all included in the gadget.

The bottle was also connected to the RDA through a tube and a hollow 510 positive pin at the top.


The atomizers used in it are bottom-feed rebuildable dripping atomizers. You'll receive the greatest flavor and vapor just because of this.

You can't use an RDA with any 510 connectors unless it's been converted or supplied with an appropriate bottom feed pin. The cause for this is that the juice cannot be provided directly from the mod to the atomizer.

Likewise, an RDA with a bottom feed pin attached to the regular mod isn't required. The juice will drop down via the bottom feed pin, for the most part. With the squonk mod kit, this can cause major problems.

Installation Of A Squonk Pin

If you're thinking about how to install a squonk pin, here are the steps you'll need to do.

  • To install it, you should have just a few vaping instruments. You'll also need a flathead screwdriver, a squonking pin, and an Allen key of the right size.
  • For loosening the 510 pins on the bottom of the topper, you have to use the flathead screwdriver. Rotate the 510 counter-clockwise until it loosens while holding the positive side post. The pin should be entirely removed from the topping.
  • This step will take some time to master. When flipping the topper over, place a positive post back on the deck and tighten with your fingers.
  • When you're finished putting the squonking pin, make sure it's completely tight. There should be no wiggles or noises.

The Difference Between Squonk and Box Mods

A microprocessor, often known as the vape chip, is found within a typical box mod. It controls wattage, current, and voltage and guarantees that nothing goes wrong.

What exactly are squonk mods? It functions similarly to box mods, but with the addition of a squonk bottle that stores the e-liquid and sends it up to the tank.

The biggest difference between these two designs is that box mods do not include squonk bottles.

How to Use Squonk Mode Like a Pro?

When you have a complete understanding of it, its use becomes very easy. it would help if you had A squonk mod with a replaceable squonk bottle that connects to a hose or filler line below the atomizer.

The cut-out hole on the front of the box mod stays visible, allowing you to squeeze the bottle without entirely opening it.

Squonking won't work with standard RDAs. Therefore you'll need a bottom feed pin fitted with an RDA style mod. By pressing or squeezing the squonk bottle at the bottom of the RDA, the e-juice is forced into the RDA.

Is Squonking A Good Option For Me?

After you've figured out how to use a squonk mod, you'll want to see if it's right for your vaping style. If you've been mostly using drippers, switching to a squonker would be a fantastic choice.

There are a variety of squonk mods and atomizers to suit practically every vaping style. Bottom feed pins are offered for a variety of drippers. This means they'll work with squonking mods. Squonking is suitable for all levels of vapers, from novice to expert. This is something that every vaper should try at least once because of the great all-in-one solution it offers.