How to Switch From MO to Other Mod Managers?

If you're switching from MO to another mod manager who can handle your nxm files, you'll have to do this first. To run the program, search for a file named nxmhandler.exe in the directory of Mod Organizer and double-click it. Now search for the references to the games which MO does support when the window opens. Remove each one by clicking on it.

Once you're done, then right-click in the window, which is now empty, and choose to add. Pick the game you decide to have in the resulting dialogue, then browse where NMM is mounted in the binary portion. Select NexusClient.exe and close the window when you're finished.

Steps For How To Uninstall Mod Organizer?

Let's start the process of How To Uninstall Mod Organizer? First of all, go to the settings in MO and choose Mod Organizer as the loading mechanism. Now close MO, and after that, don't use it again.

Since you're confident that you don't need it anymore, you can uninstall the Mod Organizer directory (like mod archives, save games). There is no need to uninstall anything. Except for its guide, MO doesn't write anywhere else.

Methods to Launch Load Mechanism

Let's make it more simple. There are three methods available to launch the loading mechanism.

Method 1

Mod Organizer that must be used as the primary method of starting the game. It Hooks into the game and gives it something to do. VFS stands for Virtual File System. When MO is no longer needed, the loading mechanism from the Options, Workarounds tab, and Load Mechanism must be changed back to Mod Organizer. After that, stop using MO.

Method 2

SKSE is a plug-in. MO will add two files to the vanilla Skyrim directory in data/skse/plug-ins: hook.dll and mo path.txt. If this method is used for launching the game, then MO is no longer needed; the loading mechanism must be changed back to Mod Organizer. Remove hook.dll and mo path.txt from Skyrim/data/skse/plug-ins if you have already uninstalled MO.

Method 3

DLL acts as a proxy. Tannin advises against using this form to start the game. MO makes a new steam api.dll after copying steam api.dll to steam api.dll.Orig.n in this method of launching the game MO is no longer needed; the load function in options must be set to Mod Organizer.

If you have removed the MOD, then proceed to the next phase. Look for a steam api.dll that is less than 50kb in size and a steam api.dll.orig that is 118kb in size in the Skyrim directory. Steam api.dll should be deleted, then steam api.dll.orig should be renamed to steam api.dll.

About the time of version 0.99.XX. Tannin substituted the internal browser in Mod Organizer with a function that works similarly to NMM. The default action is to download mods using the system's default web browser.

To do so, a connection between MO and the web browser must be created. To render the link automatically, click the globe button, the second icon on the top left toolbar. After that, press the green "Download with Manager" button, which will use the NXM connection to decide where the file will be saved.