How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?

If you are willing to install a security camera by yourself then these are the following methods by which you will be able to know about how to hide security camera wires outside?

Steps For How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside?

  1. Cover The Wire
  2. Paint the security camera wire
  3. Install Cable hiding Kit On-Wall
  4. Hide your security camera wiring in the ceiling
  5. Wireless Cameras Installation
  6. Use a tube made of plastic
  7. Plants or fences that are already in place can be used
  8. Cables can be run into conduits
  9. Wires can be hidden inside a metal box
  10. Place the wires in your garden or porch to hide them

Cover The Wires

The very first step in hiding your wires for security camera is to cover them up using baseboards. A baseboard is a wooden board running along the bottom of the wall. If you do have sufficient doorways in the house, then this way is particularly simple to use.

Pull the baseboards and thread the wires between the wall and the concrete. After that, double-check the wires and reinstall the baseboards. Aside from the baseboards, the surveillance camera wires may also be hidden inside behind certain big pieces of furniture, such as bookshelves and mantels, or under the carpet.

You should prepare the wiring pathway first, then hide the dangling wires around nearby parts like the bookshelves with cementitious clips. Do remember to paint your wall too. Allow it to blend, in enough possible way with the surroundings.

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Paint the Security Camera Wires

Blending wires for security camera into the surroundings is one of the effective ways to cover security camera wires outside. To begin, inspect the wires and the paint on the wall regarding their attachment. Cables are usually grey, black, or white in color. Which is why they're so obvious on the surface. Once you've finished analyzing the wires, go to your local hardware store and purchase plastic-safe spray paint. For plastic, users can use Krylon Fusion or Fusion.

Cling with the safe spray paint because other paints could damage the wires. When you're finished painting, you'll find that it's not visible from afar and only becomes apparent when you get by. You should not turn it on. To avoid this, wait until the paint has dried.

Install Cable Hiding Kit On-Wall

A cable hiding kit is fitted using runway channel, connector components, drywall torches, anchors, and automatic tapes. Cables must be drawn via runway channels to the place where the cameras have been installed.

Users can conveniently paint them with perfectly matched paint colors because they are paint-friendly. The cables remain fully hidden from outer weather, animal, and perpetrator damages. But it's almost difficult to reach the safety wires after installing them. In emergency situations, you may have to hire a professional.

Hide Your Security Camera Wiring in the Ceiling

Only the camera is visible with this method. You just have to drill a hole where you can clip the wire into your ceiling. However, before you do that, switch the circuit breaker off to protect against electrical electricity. Prior to actually contacting the wires and protective eye wear guns and masks, please ensure your hands are free of dampness to protect your eyes and faces from tiny scrap.

Wireless Cameras Installation

Users need to choose wireless security cameras if somehow the full wiring and servicing is really not your cup of tea. A wireless security camera can be found in both batteries and solar-powered systems.  Install the cameras easily at the right place, turn it on, and then the system connects to the primary hub instantly.

Wireless security cameras are more expensive than wired ones, however, some top-notch cameras could also be found on an affordable budget. Above all, it is totally easier to install them and everyone who has decent technical expertise could do without professional guidance.

Use a Tube Made of Plastic

 It is another way to hide wiring of a security camera outside by feeding them via walls in a plastic tube, that protects them against harsh weather and external damage.

This approach entails drilling using studs and stitching the tube, which can be difficult since you're not tech experienced. So, whenever you consider it beyond your capacity to do everything yourself, contact a professional technician. And, if you don't want to take expert advice or help, the wires would be almost unreachable in the time of a power outage.

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Plants or Fences That are Already in Place Can Be Used

This is really a perfect way to make use of areas that already existed by simply adapting the fencing to hide the wires. Branches of trees and shrubs are ideal for concealing and protecting wires since they would have been in a high fence.

The cables can be hidden to the fence with clips and inserted into the hideaways of the fencing. Users would use a wire that matches the color of the fence and paint the wire to fit for an additional layer of security.

Cables Can be Run Into Conduits

Routing the cables through conduits protects them from rats, electrical hazards, and tampering. It can take some time and skilled assistance, however, if they are vulnerable to mouse attacks, it is worthwhile. It is indeed a lengthy procedure that entails routing cables via plastic pipes and covers.

You'll also need to drill holes in the wall to connect cables for cameras, DVRs, and other gadgets. While the process will seem challenging at first, once the setup process starts, you simply follow the steps to completion.

Wires Can be Hidden Inside a Metal Box

Metal Box is a modern technique for hiding outdoor CCTV surveillance camera wires. An outdoor metal box is located near the camera. Many people believe that protecting camera wires, particularly outside, is difficult. Now you can conceal and secure camera wiring inside a Metal Box. The process will assist you in avoiding wire issues. In addition, it can drive invaders far from the camera's wires.

It would be difficult for someone to access the metal box after it has been mounted on a high wall. Furthermore, the camera will record if someone attempts to open the box and destroy the wires. In smart IP cameras, motion sensors are built-in, and they can capture clear HD videos at night. Consequently, if somebody tries to break into the outside box, the camera will send Alert Notification. When you plan to use this tool, you should invest in a high-quality Metal Box that will cover and secure the camera wires. Additionally, in the event of inclement weather, the package will protect your camera wires from water.

Place the Wires in Your Garden or Porch to Hide Them

The best method to cover security cables is to hide them in the yard, but you'll need to employ few skilled laborers to do it. Even so, it is preferable to hide the cables whilst your garden is being built, as evicting and restoring them would not improve the situation.