Usually, RAM’s are for long-term usage; you can say that they have a lifetime warranty. You can use them continuously without any problem whole life, and they’ll work the same as they are working. But sometimes, due to some unexpected issues, it may be affected and stop working.

In that case, you’ll have to buy a new RAM which is more reliable and long-lasting. But on the other hand, there are significantly fewer chances of failure of these RAMs as they don’t have any fragile or components that need care like capacitors. Today we will discuss about How Long Does RAM Lasts? in full detail.

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There are several reasons for the failure of a RAM. Usually, they are built for the long term, so they use the best quality material in their production. Some of the fundamental reason that leads to their downfall of these RAMs are as follows:

  • The main reason is the material they use in their creation because low-quality materials can easily affect the item quickly. It is crucial that you must buy a RAM made up of high-quality material that is more durable and long-lasting.
  • External damage also leads to their downfall as they are specially designed for internal usage and are delicate for external disasters. Like with the mishandling of the CPU or any other that may harm it and other parts in the CPU.
  • Sometimes low quality or old PCs may heat up during too much usage. And this may cause many harmful effects on the PC. This leads to the failure or short life span of the RAM as the PC heat up. And due to excessive heat, they will stop working.
  • Overclocking is also a significant cause of the failure of RAM. Overclocking means too much usage, like using something more than its capacity or overburdening that item that is only dangerous. That’s why overclocking is also counted as the reason for the RAM failure, so we must avoid overusing the RAM.


Everyone is curious about the age or the status of the RAM they use in their PC. So, there are many ways to check your RAM’s age and testify that how long it lasts according to its status. There are many diagnostic tools available to check the RAM age. But different computers have different diagnostic tools depending on their specifications and requirements.

Memtest86 one of the best and also known as a universal diagnostic tool to check your RAM status. To test it first, you’ll have to apply your system’s primary diagnostic tool for basic data and then use the universal diagnostic tool Memtest86 for brief detail. This tool will briefly give you each aspect of the RAM, and it will help to find How Long Does RAM Lasts? and after which you can use your RAM according to that report to increase the lifespan of the RAM and maintain it carefully to avoid its overuse.


To test your RAM age is very helpful in different ways and will guide you thoroughly. Testing RAM is not only to check its status by checking it you have the following advantages,

  • It will give you a detailed report of the RAM status you are using at that time.
  • With the test, you’ll be able to check the status and use it according to that status whether it needs more care than average or not.
  • After it, you will find it more reliable for your computer or needs to change it with new.