Battlefield V Patch Notes 1.36 - 7.1

The main features of this Battlefield V patch notes are as follow:


  • K31/43 gets limited limitations. Ezra Bullet is no longer available for you to use in K31/43.
  • K31/43 accuracy issues have been solved.
  • The magazine size of Welrod has been increased from 6 bullets to 7 bullets. Welrod can be operated as an open bolt.
  • The issue regarding the scope of K31/43 has been resolved. Earlier K31/43 had Germon Post Crosshair. But now it has Swiss Crosshair which is more accurate and faster as compared to others.


  • The issue regarding cosmetics has been resolved.
  • The issue regarding soldier's models has been resolved in Battlefield 5 Beta.
  • Welrod Master Dogtag has been resolved in Battlefield 5 Open Beta.


  • Provence - The issue regarding ammo boxes that players face has been resolved.
  • Provence - The water is no longer bulletproof in BF5.
  • Outpost - The issue of exploitation has been solved. Some players use these exploits to their advantage.
  • The stability in these maps has been increased.

The Battlefield 5 Release Date is 25 June. Players will use this update after 25 June.

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Battlefield V Patch Notes 7.1

In the latest Battlefield V Patch Notes 7.1, there are a lot of new things that make battlefield v more interesting. Two new maps are live now with six new weapons, six vehicles, 5 gadgets, and three grenades. All of these things are now available for users to use after this patch 7.1.

New Maps

There are two new maps.

  1. Al Marj Encampment is the first map. This map can be used as a TDM and Conquest. Players also can play Breakthrough and Squad Conquest as well.
  2. Provence is the second map. This map has the same features like Al Marj Encampment. This map also can be used as a TDM and Conquest. Players also can play Breakthrough and Squad Conquest as well.

Additional Changes

  • In the underground, the issue regarding exploits has been resolved. Now you can disable the smoke effect easily.
  • In firestorms, when you are playing solo you will not bleed out. The Bleed out issue is also resolved.
  • In the combined arm, the issue regarding the missing tab has been resolved.
  • In practice range, a new weapon is added for practice. Panzerbuches 39 is that weapon.
  • In Aerodrome, the issue regarding the MG turret has been resolved. Previously the MG turret was placed below the ground. Now it has been fixed.
  • Again in the Aerodrome, the issue regarding stationary weapons has been fixed. The stationary weapon is removed from the sector F. 
  • In twisted steel, the issue regarding standard mode has been fixed. 
  • Again in twisted steel, the issue regarding floating barrels has been solved. The issue regarding players stuck between bridge and barrel has been resolved as well.
  • In Marita, the issue regarding the hole in the Zervos farm has been fixed. 
  • In Panzerstorm, the issue regarding standard modes has been fixed.

New Weapons

There are six new weapons added after this PS4 Battlefield 5 update.

  1. M1941 Johnson is the best weapon. This weapon is used as an assault.
  2. Sjogren Shotgun is the best weapon for support. This is a shotgun.
  3. M1911 Suppressed is best for all classes. You can use this weapon as an assault rifle and DMR as well. This weapon can be used as a sniper as well.
  4. M3 Infrared is known for Recon.
  5. PPK Suppresses are also for all classes. You can use it as an assault rifle, DMR and sniper as well.
  6. Welrod has all classes as well.

New Gadgets

There are three new gadgets.

  1. Kampfpistole is used as a support gadget.
  2. Doppel Schuss is used as a recon gadget.
  3. Shaped Charge is used as a support gadget.

New Vehicles

There are six new vehicles added after this update.

  1. M8 Greyhound is a US Faction.
  2. A20 Bomber is also a US Faction.
  3. Puma Armored Car is a German Faction.
  4. The P70 Nightfighter is also a US Faction.
  5. The P51k fighter plane is a US Faction.
  6. P51D fighter plane is also a US Faction.

Additional Changes

  • Now AA guns have suppressed abilities like MG’s Vehicle.
  • Smokescreen weapons working capability has been increased. Now smoke screens easily block spots on Planes and tanks. This will help you in hiding from your enemies.
  • The transition level has been improved. After this update transition became ragdoll.
  • The issue regarding the incorrect location shown on vehicle UI has been fixed.
  • The issue in Hachi has been solved.

New Grenades

There are three new grenades.

  1. Type 99 Mine is the first new grenade that has all classes.
  2. Firecracker Grenade is the second grenade that has all classes as well.
  3. Demolition is the third one which has all classes as well.

Additional Changes

  • The sound issue of the Breda M1935 has been solved. Now you can easily hear the sound.
  • The issue regarding Lung mine has been fixed. Now you will not knock out when you are using Lung mine. You can use lung mine as many times as you want.
  • The issue in the Tromboncino and M1 Garand has been resolved. To solve this issue the Grenade launcher has been added for players.
  • The range of grenade throwing has been increased.
  • The travel time of grenades has been increased. This function will improve the pucker factor.

UI and Others

  • The descriptions which are missing for Hachi and Calliope have been added in the statistics lab. This will give us detailed information about Hachi and Calliope.
  • The issue of spotting the enemies has been fixed. Now you can easily spot your enemies. Previously you are not able to spot enemies in smoke. But this issue has been fixed in this patch note. Y

As far as this Battlefield V News, the patch note 7.1 has been the best update in the history of Battlefield Today. This update completely changed the overall combat strategies. The new maps are amazing. New weapons will increase your gun power and killing ability. Sound quality has been increased. New grenades have better throwing range. The new vehicles are fast and easy to handle. In the end, this is one of the best updates so far.

Battlefield 5 Update 7.1 Patch Notes

There are a lot of new things on this New Battlefield.  This  BF5 Release date is 25 October.

There are many new features that will be available for players to use after this update. The new audio system is introduced in this update which improves your hearing skills. We have explained this 1.33 update patch in this article. 

What’s New?

There are a lot of new things in this patch note.

  • You can customize the tank.
  • A new weapon has been introduced with more damage output.
  • The stability of the weapon has been increased. Weapons are easy to control.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • The damage dealt by the weapons reduced to 5.0 but its rate of fire remains the same. The damage dealt in long-range is reduced but in close range weapon damage is high. 
  • SMG’s have a better fire than AR. But Assault Rifles and DMR are best for long-range. Recoil and Stability of the weapons have been adjusted. 
  • SMG’s use type 2A which increases their recoil but the fire rate remains the same.
  • Bolt Action is the king of long-range flights. The muzzle velocity of sniper rifles has been increased and its muzzle velocity adjusted perfectly for Bolt Action.
  • For the weapons which have type 11, their muzzle velocity also increased.


  • Previously the universal carrier can be disabled. But now you can not disable the universal carrier. But you can not repair it.
  • The issue regarding explosions in 40MMAA has been resolved. There will be no explosions again in this tank.
  • The issue of in-plane propellers spinning has been solved and its speed has been increased.
  • Visual bugs in planes have been fixed. Now you can see things clearly.
  • The handling of Kettenkrad vehicles is now more stable and very easy to control.
  • The damage dealt by AT mines has been increased.
  • In tanks, the ammo for shotguns has been increased. Now you can have more ammo of shotgun in Tanks. But you can not use this feature in AA Tanks.
  • The downstate of Norman Kingelys has been improved.

Maps and Mode

  • In Solomon Island, the supply station has been removed from the mountain and an invisible collision also removed which occurred near the beach on breakthrough.
  • In Solomon Island, the missing rain effect particle has been added and the area which is captured in the C flag has been improved.
  • The spawn islands are also improved in the Solomon Islands.
  • In Pacific Storm, the light of the sun decreases.
  • The graphic quality in Iwo Jima has increased.
  • In the Firestorm, the solo players are reduced to 2, and also plane propellers spinning has improved.
  • The Sandbags in the Wake Islands have been fixed.
  • In Wake Island, you can easily destroy the plane with the help of a hanger.
  • In Wake Island, the resupply station has been improved with better placement.
  • The struck Issue in Devastation has been resolved.
  • The floating supply station in Narvik has been fixed.

General Changes

  • The Ammo pickup glint effect has been improved and the ammo crate is more visible to players.
  • When you are moving in Dinghy Boat the Panzerfaust third person reloads animation has been improved.
  • Now you cannot use Emblems on M2 Carbine.
  • The LOD issue of M1918A2 has been resolved.
  • You can kill the enemy in a plane with one fire from Bazooka.
  • The Bazooka and Panzerfaust damage value has been changed. Panzerfaust is used as a sniper and its damage is increased while Bazooka damage is decreased.
  • The issue regarding anti-tank grenades has been fixed.
  • The issue regarding ammo belts in MG34 has been fixed and ammo belts disappear correctly.
  • There is a slight improvement in the scope glint. Now you can spot enemies more clearly.
  • The sound issue of KI-147 and V1 has been resolved.
  • The Lunge Mine damage has been increased and Lunge Mine has the ability to destroy the weapons.
  • The unexpected second explosion issue of Lunge mine has been fixed.
  • The Lunge Mine is more stable and consistent and its damage value has been increased.
  • The issue regarding gadgets floating in the air has been fixed.
  • The 2x scope issue on M2 Carbine has been fixed.

The patch note 1.33 has been very good as compared to the previous patch note. Lots of bugs have been fixed in this patch note. The new audio system has introduced courtesy to this patch note. The patch has a similar game feature for PS4 and games for laptops. The Battlefield V Release date is 25 October 2020. Battlefield V reviews from people are excellent and Battlefield V reviews are increasing day by day.